to be or not to be. that is the quest(ion).

Everyone has their own battle. It is depend on the path they have chosen. The path believed to bring them happiness, not sadness. The joyful, glorious path.

You should embrace yourself, that the great thing in life, isn’t just things. It’s more than that.

You can always make money. But you can not make memories.

Things cannot be my priority as it only make me a lost soul in the glorious path.

People keep questioning the same topic, all about the career, the job, the degree, by the end of the day, they’ve only just measured you with their materialistic mind.

Live our life with happiness, be grateful for everything. If we die, ask yourself, would all those materialistic things be your best friend forever in the grave?

To be or not to be, it’s all up to us. We can always choose the battle we’d like to conquer. Whatever we choose,choose wise. And at last, hope that the battle will bring out the very very BEST in ourself…



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