Living Australia, should I or shouldn’t I?

People often scared of changes. Either that was about changing routes to shops, favourite coffee or restaurants, hairstyles, it’s the nature of human being to nest in their comfort zone.

When my husband made his opportunity to continue his education in Australia, the decision of moving the whole gang –  yup, 2 adults and 3 children – from Indonesia to the homeland of koalas and kangaroos, it meant a HUGE change for our family. And yes, you’re absolutely right.  We’re scared.

It’s a big… big family. One child that have to go to school and two other children that still are toddler and baby.

How can we adjust to the living culture, not to mention the fact that we might have to tighten the budgets.  Everybody knows that Australia is the third high priced living cost country in the world!

But then, what really matter is that togetherness truly the most important thing in family life!

So,that’s all, and here we are, enjoying every moment of our life, together. Be ready to face every changes in our lives, together. It’s not scary anymore, it’s likely an adventure.

No matter where, with its up and down, as long as we stay together: feeling blessed, always.



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