Dear God,
I’m a mother of three. Three beautiful angels that’s been and always been warming my life with their laughs and smile. Three angels that You’ve entrusted us their lives in our hands. For this, we always feel grateful.

From them we’ve learnt so much. Much more than what we’ve been experiencing in our whole lifetime. For this, we always, always feel thankful.

Looking at the world this time, I found myself worrying, could my little angels make the struggle? Life can be easy, can be hard, uncertainty about the future make my heart tremble. How I just want to hold you Angels, hold you tight in my arms, and let me face the world for you.

But I know, I won’t be by your side forever, Angels…

Dear God, to You I can only lean my hopes, my prayers, my children. Lead them the good way in life, to be a good person that able to maintain their self-respect, dignity, and brave to stand up for what they believe in. Help them to be useful for others in kindness, and please count it as their fields of charity to reach for Your blessing.

Great challenges await in the future, O God, please strengthen their hearts and faith, to always remember You, in every step they make…


Life may not always be up, it might need you to fight and sacrifice. Although I’m not always be around, Angels, I always pray, may God take a good care of you, protect you, and blessing you with grace and mercy …


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