Playful Australia


Yes. I have to say that Australia is fun! Magnificently brilliantly fun, due to the little thing, that incredibly so useful, it make my life and maybe yours too, so much easier. Therefore makes living Australia so much fun!

Hmmm… Betcha wondering what it is! You can guess anything, but I think you never expect that the answer is: the ramps. Hey hey, no judgement. Its just my point of view as a mother of three who always strolls along the way.


Anyway, not only the ramp of course that make this homeland of koala such a good place to live in,  the weather is another thing.   Here I found that it’s never too hot for one summer day, and never too cold for another winter day. Thank goodness!

And the beaches! Who wouldn’t love those beautiful beaches. The wonderfully amazing sunrise or sunset. The wind and the breeze. And the hot guys or babes for addition.  😉



And the playgrounds! It  plays an important role in a family life, as ‘release the baby’ (quote from The Croods – nice family movie, need parental guidance tough) so they can run or jump or crawl or basically doing anything, will lower their stress hormones and also the mother’s as well, while  increasing the endorphins or happiness hormones in everyone! Then it a win win solutions. Kids are playing happily,  mom can sit down and relax while sip a cup of coffee.



DSC01995 DSC01979 DSC02019

And last but not least, the dumping day, haha…
Walking around the community and when its comes your luck, you may find things you need just pop in front of you, at the sidewalk. Yees…this is a smart way to own a lot of stuff, without losing any penny! Sometimes you can found barely new mattress, three seater couch, a dining chair, or whatever, in pretty good condition but a bit old fashioned. Me, I addicted to toys. So far, I have found an otoped/scooter, a skateboard, one tricycles, a cute noisy activity table, playing mats, kids chair, yoga ball, and a hilarious Big Book of Top Gear! We all know that kids easily get bored with toys they’ve owned. So they will ask for more, I’m sure. And dumping day is a great solution! 😉

I think the extra money can be spent on something more interesting like one day spa… Agree? 🙂


Well, it’s twelve o clock on hickory dickory clock. Got to stop now.
But will be back soon again to share another story, another playful day here in Aussie.  My wishes for you, have a blissful wonderful playful day, wherever you are…


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